Climate Change

Today’s Climate Change is due to the process of Global Warming caused by Greenhouse Gas Pollution

We know that the way the extremely extreme weather events came together in 2012 was due to global warming caused by greenhouse gas pollution. We know that if we stop this pollution we can slow and avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

Since the biggest single source of greenhouse gas pollution now is the generation of electricity, we can start by focusing on switching from dirty coal-fired generation methods to Nebraska-grown clean renewable methods.

Learn more about global warming, the climate disruptions it causes, and the energy connections in these links.

The Discovery of Global Warming - A History
There are a couple things that make this book/web site a good resource. Not least is the fact that you can download the whole HTML (web site) versionfor free.The thing I like the best is that when you want to remember just when people started finding out about the greenhouse effect (do you know?) this is the place to go.

Graphic Nuggets
Graphics can sometimes communicate at a glance.

Want to see the speed of our climate’s warming drawn over time?
This is an animation of the shifting of the “hardiness zones” for the years 1990 to 2006. It can be a powerful reminder that climate changes are happening now, not just “in our children’s and grandchildren’s lifetime.”

Updating the Climate Big Picture
There are some good graphics in this basic explanation of global warming and how we know what we know. I like the animations- they really help!

Global Warming & Climate Myths -Skeptic” Arguments and What the Science Says
This one comes around the other way: instead of looking at what science can reveal, it looks at what is commonly said by people who try to deny reality (called deniers). You can also sort the arguments various ways, and look at the responses by scientists written for various levels of education and understanding. Perfect for an information grazer!

Real Climate— Climate Science by Top-notch Climate Scientists
This blog entry, The high cost of inaction, is typical of RealClimate. This blog offers chewy bites of information about developing issues in climate science. Keep an eye on it- it will reward you. The folks who put it together are very, very hard working and understanding. I do not know how they put up with some of the harassment, but they collectively answer the questions raised. There is no excuse for some of the lame writing that passes for journalism on the climate topic, not with these folks around!
To get to the front page, just click on the big ol’ banner at the top.

The extremely extreme weather events of the past few years, especially of 2012, have caused a number of leading climate scientists to analyze them and say that many of these events are a result of global warming. For a more complete reference, see my article Urgent and Immediate. Or, start with Dr. James Hansen of NASA on the PBS News Hour and his TED Talk titled Why I must speak out about climate change, which can be found at

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