Clean Energy Lincoln

Citizens in Lincoln began meeting together in 2012 for the purpose of figuring out how to work with our local public power utility, Lincoln Electric System (LES), to move off fossil fuels and to clean renewable sources of electricity.

Wen we learned of the large financial settlement that LES won in a lawsuit against one of the railroads, we set out to craft our set of proposals for how LES could use these funds to map a path into a clean energy future.

The LES Administrative Board and management will make the final decisions. We feel that it is our duty to declare our goals as members of the community of which LES is a part.  Together we will create a future that promotes our health, our well-being, and does not contribute to the disastrous changes in climate that result from the global warming process caused by burning fossil fuels.

Read the current draft of our proposals:
Railroad Settlement Options Version 5