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Restore 824 !

In the closing days of the 2016 session, the Nebraska Legislature is considering a bill that would streamline the process for permitting wind farms in Nebraska, including wind farms being built to export wind energy to other states. In committee, the bill’s sponsors agreed to amendments to ensure that the current Game & Parks Commission review process for wind farm siting remains in place to protect wildlife, and that local zoning authority remains in place. However, unable to agree to advance the bill, the committee stripped the original provisions from the bill and advanced it to the full Legislature with provisions from an unrelated bill.

Help Restore 824! Ask your legislator to vote to restore the purpose of LB 824 — to streamline the permitting process for wind farms — by voting for Senator Ken Haar’s amendment to LB 824. The bill could come up any day, and only a few days are left in the Legislative session, so make your calls today!

To find your Senator and his or her contact information, visit the Nebraska Legislature’s web site.