Clean Energy Nebraska is a web site created by Nebraska organizations working together to educate Nebraskans about the many benefits of clean energy.

Clean energy can create jobs, strengthen communities, reduce air and water pollution, improve our health, address climate change, and benefit wildlife. On these pages you will find reports, information and other resources that will help you understand where Nebraska’s energy comes from and how it is used.

You will also learn about the heavy cost Nebraskans pay for our current reliance on coal and other fossil fuels, and the trade-offs we make to keep our lights on and our appliances running. Our focus is on electricity. Nebraska individuals and businesses spent over $2 billion in 2009 on electricity, and electricity is the sector most directly influenced by decisions made in Nebraska.

If you have suggestions for reports, information or other resources we could include on this site, please email them to NebraskaWildlife@windstream.net.

Our special thanks to The Energy Foundation for financial support that enabled us to build and manage this web site!