OPPD Makes A Dramatic Change

On June 19 the OPPD Board unanimously adopted a plan that maintains a level of clean renewable energy power equal to at least one third of its generated electricity for 20 years. And they announced that they will close the coal-fired plant at North Omaha in stages. And then OPPD has committed to enough efficiency/DSM programs (300 megawatts worth) to replace roughly one-half the capacity of its North Omaha Station.

The Board and management was responding to years of hearing from the customer-owners of Omaha Public Power District, to regulation by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the encroaching reality of climate changes caused by global warming, a major cause of which is the greenhouse gas pollution produced in the process of making electricity…

Read the entire story in Prairie Fire!  The July issue of the newspaper is on the streets now.

You will also notice some similarity to parts of the Clean Energy Omaha group’s plan that you can download below:

Here is a 2 page summary of the Clean Energy Plan for OPPD

Here is the full Clean Energy Plan

 Here is OPPD’s take on their new plan.

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